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(Residential Sewage Treatment Plant for Waste Water Recycling except drinking)

Type Sewage Treatment Plant for Waste Water Reuse-except drinking
Capacity (Recommended) Maximum : 6000 LPH
Minimum : 5000 LPH
Operating Pressure (Recommended) Raw Water : 1 .50 to 2 .0 Kg/Cm2
Recommended Feed Water (Eff.) Parameters : B.O.D. : up to 300 Mg/l , C.O.D. : up to 500 Mg/l, pH Value : 5.5 to 9 .5 , T.S.S : up to : 250 Mg/l , O & G : Less Than : 20 Mg/l, Appearance : muddy /Dark / yellow in Colour
Treated Water Parameters (ETP) B.O.D. : < 10 Mg/l , C.O.D. : < 30 Mg/l, pH Value : 7 .00 to 8 .50 , T.S.S : < 10 Mg/l , O & G : Less Than : 2 Mg/l, Appearance : Transperant (Colourless)
Skid MSEC ( Mild Steel Epoxy Coated)
Raw Water Feed Pump Make : Kirloskar / Kay Ions / Kon-Tech with Bronze / SS impellar, CI Volute and suitable motor.
Air Mechanism with Blowers Make : Kay Ions / Kon-Tech or Equiv. with accessories, Air Turbine , Defusers and suitable motor etc-
Dosing Pump Make : Kon-Tech / Kay-Ions Equev. with Flexiprene Head, PP Body, Teflon Ring seals, PVC Fittings and LLDPE tubing, HDPE Tank .
General Specifications
Chemical Reaction Zone Complete with Chemical Dosing Systems for Netralisation, Colour Adsorption , Co-augulation and Flo-culation, Air Spurgers etc.
Primery Settler Suitable to Settle Down the Reacted C.O.D / Flocs / impurities
Bio-Reduction Media,Air Turbine system, Air Defusers etc. One Lot
Sludge Settler Suitable to Settle Down the Activated Sludge impurities
Sludge Settler Media & Electrical cabling to supplied items One Lot
Relay cum chlorine contact Tank One No.
Raw Sewage Transfer Pumps Two Nos.
Re-circulation Pumps Two Nos.
Filter Feed Pumps Two Nos.
Root Blowers (Twin Lube) Two Nos.
Treated Water Transfer Pumps Two Nos.
Flushing water Pumps Two Nos.
Flow Indicators Two Nos.
Dosing Pump for Stabilized Bio-Cids Two No
Dosing Pump for Flocazol Two No.
Dosing Pump for Phosphorous Precipitator Two No.
Dosing Pump for Post Chlorination One No.
Dual Media Filter M.S.R.L. – One No.
Activated Coco Carbon Filter M.S.R.L. – One No.
MCC Panel with switch gear control and MIMIC Controlled operating guide One No.
UltraFiltration System One No.
Ultravoilet Radiation (Sterliser) System One No.
CEB cum CIP Station (inbuilt) One Set
Water Softner System One No.
Pressure Indicators 18 Nos.
TDS Meter, Dual Test Kit (for pH,Cl2) and MLSS Jar One Set.
Flow Control Accessories One set
Internal Pipe Fitting and valves One set
Required Space Compact to Site
Proposed Civil Work :
Sewage Collection Chamber  
Bar Screen Chamber  
O & G Chamber to Kitchen Waste Line  
Equilization Tank  
B. O. D. Reduction and Nitrification – Denitrification Tanks  
Sludge drying Beds  
Foundation work for equipments  
Approach Path to Tanks and Plant  
Price = Please enquire for quote
Special Features :
Our systems are designed to keep the country economy high by providing the solutions for long lasting technologies and best in results.
Very low foot prints.
Very easy to handle and maintain.
Most consumer friendly and easy to operate.
No hidden costs
Complete solutions.
Single window operation through MIMIC show.
Kay-Ions Tech India is pioneer in designe, manufecture, supply,installation and comissioning of tailor made systems to clients specific needs.
Easy to Install and customise.
We have successfully designed, handled and executed the works range from 10 KLD to 40 MLD capacity systems.
Special Note :
1. The particulars including quantities given are tentative and subject to change during final budgetory offer and to meet the site requirements.
2. Actual sizes for work includind civil work and electrical – mechanical work are subject to final proposal of site requirement.

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